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Case Studies

150㎥ FRP tank

After considering the transportatin limits, a pipe of φ5.5m×6.6mh was connected at the site with a 150m3 storage tank.
After incorporating the requirements in accordance to the customer's needs, we used a local assembly method.
It is truly the epitome of a custom-made product.
100㎥FRP tank

The height of the background factory is 9m. I think the size of 3.8m x 10mh is easier to understand when comparing it to the background.
As you can see in the picture, it is a product that features the combination of 3 units.In this way, we will design and structure not only the tank itself, but also the attached connecting corridor, etc., and further conduct a final inspection to confirm that there are no problems before shipping. This product is exported overseas.

FRP製 温泉タンクローリー
FRP hot spring tank truck

With the ever-increasing need for energy and resource conservation, our unique construction method adds excellent heat retention and has been well received as a hot spring truck.
With the popularization of hot spring facilities for one-day trips, you can enjoy the feeling of hot springs in various places at a cheaper price. You may see the FUYO FRP tank trucks running around the hot spring town pull up next to you.
Odor washing tower

Not only for storage, it also functions as equipment.
The odor emitted from the factory is one of the important factors related to the coexistence with local residents and the medical treatment of the people engaged in the factory.
As a piece of equipment for the factory's environment, we consider  everything from structural design to effectiveness.
It is also useful for environmental changes such as measures against air pollution and global warming.

Equipment combining FRP

We design not only stand-alone items and round structures, but we can also provide proposals for designs, and shape the product so that it will function in unison with the device as a whole.
Flexibility, which is one of the defining characteristics of FRP is utilized to achieve this.
In addition, in order to make the best use of the functions of the device, we actively support materials other than FRP.
PVC 5㎥ tank

In addition to FRP, we also handle products using thermoplastic PVC.
It is used to store sodium hypochlorite.
In order to provide the best product, we consider the requirements, performance, and effects. Then, we select everything down to the types of materials themselves.
The picture shows the product with just PVC, but after this it will be reinforced with FRP to maintain the external strength.

φ8000 pipe

A pipe with a diameter of 8m can be manufactured by the FW method (mechanical winding).
We designed and developed our own original equipment, focusing on mechanical strength and stable quality.
As a result, our freedom in “manufacturing” as well as  the range of possible construction plans we can carry out will expand as well.
We manufacture the largest diameter FRP products in Japan.
FRP tank truck for hazardous substances

It has very high specifications in terms of corrosion resistance to chemical liquids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid that are highly corrosive.
In addition, since the structure is designed according to the customer's request, it has gained a good reputation as a product a lot of flexibility and usability.
FUYO has the largest domestic market share of FRP tank trucks in Japan.

Desulfurization absorption tower

Making use of the original oversized pipe making machine, we have assembled a device of φ8m x 17m locally.
We will commercialize large-scale equipment by using not only parts but also mobility.
FUYO  doesn't just produce at the factory. We also carry out construction localy and use local management.
By applying the know-how in product structure to local construction, we are providing products with more reliable quality.
Chemical cleaning tower

The length is 1850  wide,  7410 long, and 2850 tall. It is a fairly large device for a washing tower.
Due to the complexity of the structure, the frame of SS is used as a rib effect on the FRP for reinforcement.
It is a device that uses chemicals to purify odors.


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