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Company Strengths


FRPCorrosion-resistant FRP
Completely integrated from design to production
Demand for FUYO FRP, which has been focused on corrosion resistance research for many years by making full use of advanced technology, is increasing year by year. Born from the knowledge and ideas cultivated by FUYO, the FW (filament winding) method has excellent characteristics such as maximizing strength and scalability as well as boasting high corrosion resistance against chemicals and moisture. FUYO carries out everything from design to production and is able to maintain not only our own products but FRP equipment nationwide.

Plumbing Duct
High-performance FRP pipes have excellent corrosion resistance and strength and are lightweight which improves the efficiency of on-site processing and installation, resulting in cost savings.
Tank Trucks
It is amazingly light weight at about 1/4 less than that of copper, stainless steel, etc., which reduces the fuel cost of the vehicle and the load on the vehicle body. It is also used for food and drug transportation because it is nontoxic and safe.

FRP Lining
Floor/wall processing with corrosion resistant lining prevents corrosion from chemicals and moisture, and maintains a clean production environment. We will take full responsibility for on-site investigations such as removing impurities and water remaining on the substrate, adjusting the base material by sandblasting, primer application and lining work, and finishing.
Chemical Tank
It is suitable for a wide range of chemical liquids without deterioration in strength due to chemicals or water. It has a thermal conductivity of 1/200 or less than that of iron and is used with hot and cold storage tanks. In addition, the capacity, shape, and color tone can be freely adjusted to meet various purposes and environments.



Environmental Equipment
Flexible and versatile for immediate results with diverse enviornments and goals
Our high-performance FRP products built to respond to changing social conditions are required to have design capabilities that flexibly fit various applications and environmental facilities. Our FRP equipment with proven strength in corrosion resistance has been  adapted for environmental problems such as deodorization and removal of harmful substances. Based on the proven track record of our full-time engineers, we are developing highly flexible designs and products of all shapes and sizes from environmental measurement to maintenance.

Chemical Cleaning Device
The heat resistance and corrosion resistance of our company's FRP are used in circulation tanks that mix chemical liquids of various types and temperatures as well as in storage and spraying devices which handle highly corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite.
Deodorizing Equipment
Our deodorizing equipment such as the FUYO brand activated carbon adsorption tower and biological deodorizing tower create a green environment by removing harmful odors emitted from various industrial plants and dust that affects the production system to maintain a clean and safe manufacturing environment.

Exhaust gas/Incinerator Equipment
FUYO's technology has also been incorporated into devices that remove harmful substances such as dioxin, which has become a societal problem. In order to protect the environment,  we respond to the vicious circle of high temperature and high corrosion resistance with a wealth of knowledge and proven results.
Water Treatment Equipment
FRP water treatment equipment is playing an active role in responding to a wide range of needs such as industrial and consumer water works. Innovative FUYO FRP products can be used in products with specialized and demanding needs such as sludge deodorization systems, sand filters for pools, washing electronic devices, and providing sterile water for pharmaceuticals.



Wide range of applications other than FRP
As an engineering group we are also able to provide consultation on general resin productswith regard to not only FRP, but also implementing the right design and construction for the task.

Engineering - Image drawing
We can provide comprehensive consultations beginning with the basic design. We can provide technologies other than FRP including material selection, strength calculation, drawing creation, and production arrangement.


Strength Calculation
The strength is calculated by carefully considering the usage conditions in the actual equipment and assuming the approximate dimensions of the structure according to the required performance and specifications. For example, strength is calculated from material selection when there is no space for installation.


Structural Examination
We respond to your requests with precise structural calculations that make use of many years of know-how.


Drafting Plans
I want a diagram to instruct the processor... Even if FUYO will not be making the product, please feel free to contact us.


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