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Fuyo Resin Industry for FRP tanks, piping products, and plant design and construction

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Company Overview


FoundedJanuary 1965
Capital50 million yen
Company directors
  • President and Representative Director Kazuo Yanagita
  • Chairman of the Board Yukitsugu Takeshita
  • Managing Director Hideyuki Koizumi
  • Director Masayuki Suzuki
  • Director Fukuzo Katsumata
  • Director Katsumi Suzuki
  • FRP tank (closed type, open type, horizontal type), FRP square tank
  • Piping products (large, medium and small diameter), nozzle flange, elbow
  • Smoke exhaust, exhaust gas, drainage, complete set of deodorizing equipment and other related equipment, pickling and plating equipment
  • Various chemical tanks, transport containers (tank trunk/ truck container)
  • Design/construction/technical guidance for cold/warm tanks and incidental works for plants
Existing equipment
1 Helical filament winding machine for small to medium diameter
1 Helical filament winding machine for large diameter
1 Helical filament winding machine for extra large diameter
1 Lathe
1 HL machine
Permits and licences
  • Approvals General Construction Business Shizuoka Prefectural Governor Approval (General-30) No. 032429
  • Pipe business/painting business
Main customersPlant manufacturers, chemical factories, construction companies, transportation companies, trading companies
Membership in professional institutions
Japan Reinforced Plastics Society - Tank Truck Section and Corrosion Resistance Section
Group company
  • Fujikaseihin / 327-1, Torisaka, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
  • Wago Co., Ltd. / 3-11-12 Kawai, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Partner factoryDanang factory, Vietnam


January 1965Established Fuyo Resin Industy in Hiragaki Honmachi, Fuji City
March 1973Moved to new factory in Tadehara, Fuji City
December 1973Established Fuyo Resin Industry Y.K.
August 1980 Joined Fujikaseihin Group
December 1980Factory expansion
March, 2004Factory expansion
June 1998Office renovation
May 2008Factory expansion
October 2012Organization changed to Fuyo Resin Industry Co ltd .


TEL 0545-61-7804 FAX 0545-64-0564
1073-4 Tadehara, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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〒416-0931 静岡県富士市蓼原1073-4
TEL 0545-61-7804 FAX 0545-64-0564

1073-4 Tadehara, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
TEL 0545-61-7804 FAX 0545-64-0564